About the Author

Rob Ryan Sullivan

Rob Sullivan inspires people to be open to the miracles that happen around us. To date, he has worked with a long list of well-known companies and universities including Merrill Lynch, McDonald’s, Genzyme, Northwestern University and the University of Virginia. Through his own open style, Rob has established himself as a trusted resource for friends and strangers alike.

Rob gets his entrepreneurial spirit from his maternal grandfather, who was a successful soy bean trader, and his paternal great-grandfather, Billy Sullivan Sr., who won a World Series as a catcher with the 1906 White Sox and was the inventor of the chest protector. Rob’s great- grandfather eventually sold the patent for the protector, which he received in 1908, to a company that would become a major sporting goods business.

Even though he never met his great grandfather, Rob said Bily’s decision haunts him and he thinks about it often—especially when teaching negotiation. “That has affected many of the business decisions I’ve made over the years, especially in terms of Intellectual Property,” Rob said. Rob is excited for the launch of his book and the budding international SulliVanZyl business. “These are things I feel like I’ve been called to do,” he said. For more information on SulliVanZyl, visit http://sullivanzyl.com/