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A Trek Within

Following Your Inner Compass

As the son of a specialist in Internal Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Rob Sullivan isn’t exactly the poster child for alternative medicine. However, after some of the best neurologists in the world diagnosed him with narcolepsy but were powerless to treat it effectively, Rob set out on an almost two-year mission to find a cure for the sleep disorder. This is but one of many compelling personal experiences Rob – and others – share in A Trek Within: Following Your Inner Compass to inspire people to be open to the many miracles that happen around us.

It would be a mistake to view this book as a story of healing or a testimony to the power of alternative medicine because that is only a small part of the book. The rest is a journey that explores intuition and intuitives, signs and synchronicities, the wisdom in dreams, the soul nurturing power of prayer, messages from mediums—even past lives and numerology.

This book started out as a collection of experiences that changed the way Rob viewed spirituality, the world, and his place in it. It has evolved into a book about the important signs and mile-markers we all encounter, many of which only make sense in hindsight. It serves as both a reminder and a guidebook to open our eyes and minds to the experiences our intuition flags as important — even when we can’t make sense of them in the moment.

What Readers Say

Aspasia Apostolakis Miller
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The experience of reading A Trek Within was like walking beside a dear friend observing life as it unfolds and learning lessons along the way. With a curious mind and an open heart, Rob tells a poignant, often funny, and deeply personal story of his own unique journey jeweled with universal truths and insights. Using his formidable gifts as a writer, he shares his experiences and perspectives on how to be a student of life. At its core, A Trek Within is a love letter to life. It left me with new perspectives on the lessons that are there for each of us when we observe what’s happening around us and listen to the voice within.
Richard C Brasser
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Having just finished Rob’s latest book, I am only disappointed that it is finished. “A Trek Within” is a humble, heartfelt and wise shared experience. Instead of telling his audience what he has learned, Rob shares his insights, ah-ha moments and tough lessons along with those of his friends and acquaintances in a way that is honest, caring and entertaining. It really felt like we were walking together and sharing our experiences for this crazy thing called life. I love how despite life handing Rob some tough breaks, he never lost his sense of humor, optimism and philosophy that we are all here, experiencing exactly what we are supposed to, in order to learn and grow. This is a beautiful book and one that I will forever be better for having read. I am incredibly grateful for Rob sharing this intimate walk through his incredible life and encourage everyone to share in the experience…both by reading (actually listening because Rob is a wonderful speaker) and sharing your story on his website. We are all better together…especially with Rob being the willing glue:)
Elizabeth G Antony
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This book is a must-read for anyone who is interested in growing their universal and world perspective. This book engages the reader on so many important levels, as related to spirituality/spiritual transformation & awakening. Rob’s shared perspectives on life, relationships, wellness, Spirit and universal synchronicity have buoyed my own journey of understanding my place in the universe. Highly recommended!
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This book took me by surprise. I assumed it was a motivational," find yourself"book. Rob's book dealt with trusting yourself, paying attention to signs, eastern and western medicine and working through cancer. There are a lot of "books" here.
Donna Varichak
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Hi Rob. Wow! I just finished reading your book...devoured it is more like it. It was captivating, real and honest. I'm not on facebook and had no idea of what you've gone through as part of your life journey and the lessons you've learned on the path. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm also purchasing a few more books to send to some friends so they too can be inspired and enlightened to find their inner compass. In good health, dv
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