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A Note from Rob

Welcome to A Trek Within!

Unlike my first book, Getting Your Foot in the Door When You Don’t Have a Leg to Stand On (McGraw-Hill), which I wrote it a matter of months, A Trek Within: Embracing Unexpected Truths has been evolving over the past 12 years.

What started as an exploration of the power of dreams, synchronicities, intuition, alternative medicine, psychics/intuitives, past lives and other topics I wasn’t raised to believe in, has evolved into a broader collection of stories from people who were inspired to share their own thought-provoking experiences.

My goal isn’t to start a new religion or convince anyone of anything. My experience is my experience. Same for the people who generously contributed their stories.

Instead, the hope is that readers who open their minds and work through the optional questions and exercises will find themselves with a deeper appreciation of life and the many miracles of our amazing universe.

With that in mind, we have created a section of the website where people are encouraged to share their own stories. If a book changes or helps even one person, it was worth writing. By sharing your stories, we can help each other notice and appreciate more of the miracles that surround us.

If any of this sounds intriguing, my fellow contributors and I would be honored to be your guides.

Wishing you the best on your Trek Within.

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What you can expect

This book does not claim anything. It holds no promise to change your life or to make things easier. It does not pledge to improve your daily routines, your way of thinking or performance. And yet, it changed me.

I discovered new paths, a new grid that helped me make decisions or at least be aware of different ways to approach my challenges. Moreover, I felt less alone. As if the navigation of my inner compass received an extra validation. And that is worth more than I could ever explain in words.
Josseline Ross (excerpt from Foreword)

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Putting It Into Practice

For readers who are inspired to do their own trek within to see how they can apply the various concepts, each chapter ends with “Putting It Into Practice” — a section with tips and suggestions I found helpful throughout my own journey.

In this way, A Trek Within can also serve as a workbook for anyone interested in an optional level of introspection and discovery. Do you have to do this? Absolutely not. Whatever you choose, I am confident even the casual reader will find inspiration and insight in at least a few of the deeply personal stories so many people took the time to share.

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